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We provide end to end support for technical processes within small and medium enterprises

The company takes care of the entire technical lifecycle for an organization to enable informed decision making for the organization. Analystor works across all data types, structured or instructed, to emulate the right information for management decision.

Highly actionable analytics provided by Analystor technologies are deployed in education management, retail, healthcare and other industries.

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  • Energinix CRM

    Energinix is an advanced CRM system for energy and manufacturing companies. It can eliminate all manual operations in a typical working environment, and ensure excellence in all processes, from prospect management to installation and its sales support.

    Energinix provides a single touch point to handle all the key processes and defines role- based access points to ensure necessary interventions. The functionalities of the system are highly customizable to the specific requirements of manufacturing companies.

  • RetailXY

    RetailXY is an action-oriented analytics tool for small and medium scale retailors. RetailXY analyzes a multitude number of data in a retail business and creates end to end actionable insights about the business trends. Moreover, it provides suggestions and recommendations on stock optimization, purchase management, sales optimization, sales promotion cycle etc.


    AROMA is an end to end business management system for food retailing businesses. AROMA has all business functionalities required to be a highly customizable POS system for restaurants and eateries.
    It also has a business workflow management system for catering and food delivery organizations. Key functionalities of AROMA include inventory management, POS, payment management including wallets, order management, GPS tracking etc.

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